Aluminum Extrusions - value-added components & assembliesAluminum extrusions Sintered metal components -
(sintered = made from powder) sintered metals
Air Moving Components & Assemblies - axial/radial fan blades, motorized pkgs, guards Non-Metallic Materials Conversion - punched slit & die cutting of non-metallic materials
Plastics - thermo-plastic injection molding & extrusions. thermo-set compression & injection moldingplastics
Fabrication - contract manufacturing, sheet, tube, wire, component parts to turn-key
Metal Spinning - custom round, venturi, dish, cylindrical, conesventuri spinning Sewn Product - custom carrying cases, covers, harnesses Sewn products
Zinc Die-Cast -
components & assemblies
zinc die cast
Rubber -
molded & fabricated components
molded rubber

Screw Machine -
installation, instruction

screw machining
CNC Machining -
Short run to high volume

cnc machining

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Endorsements from our valued customers

New products are a key revenue driver for our company.  Liefer & Associates has been able to provide cost effective suppliers and solutions to many of our new product designs.

Mitch Distler has been able to provide our product development team with a pool of suppliers that are extremely responsive to our ever changing needs. 

We measure our suppliers on pricing, quality, delivery, and new product development assistance.  Liefer excels in all four areas.

Jim Schlueter
Sr. VP of Engineering & New Business Development
DEMA Engineering Company

Our company has been working on developmental projects with Liefer & Associates for several years. Mitch has always handled our account with the utmost professionalism. He has been very proactive with all of our projects, providing innovative yet cost effective solutions each time. I would highly recommend using Liefer & Associates for any project requiring design, sourcing and ongoing supply of component parts for assemblies.

Jeff Hentges
VP of Operations

It has been a pleasure to work with Mitch Distler the past seven years. Mitch takes great care of our customers and is quick to go the extra mile any time needed. He is knowledgeable about products and is proactive with all our projects and brings a very customer focused attitude in always working toward win-win solutions in the market place. He follows-up with customers on a regular basis to ensure they are satisfied with deliveries, service, design, & quality. I have no doubt that Liefer & Associates would be a valuable asset & resource for any company; I give my highest recommendation to Liefer & Associates!

Nick Nibert
NEECO-TRON, Inc. and Nibert Sales & Associates

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